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Rent 2 Own Cars gives most people the chance to own their own vehicle - and freedom. No more bus fares, taxis fares or waiting on friends for a lift.

Rent 2 Own specializes in saying 'yes' to people whom all the banks and finance institutions have said 'no'. They understand that sometimes circumstances out of your control can make your credit rating or ability to repay an advance look dismal to lenders when applying for a car advance. Often circumstances such as a bad credit history, being unemployed, a single parent or a pensioner can severely limit your ability to be approved for an advance - but not with Rent 2 Own.

A tailored payment system from Rent 2 Own is a genuine no fees, easy term agreement – no charges are applied at all, the contract price is the cash price of the vehicle. Also no prying credit checks are carried out on you – all that is required is a deposit and evidence of your willingness and capability to fulfil the payment system you agree to.

Rent 2 Own understand that you as an individual have unique circumstances - and will do all they can so you can drive away in your own car - TODAY.