Rent 2 Own Cars Newcastle

21 March 2017

Car Loans in Newcastle


Are you dreaming of driving off in your own car but you don’t have cash at hand? Rent 2 Own Cars in Newcastle can be an excellent option for you. Contracts are available for periods between one and two years and, come with no added fees.

Car Loans for Personal Use

Scheduled fortnightly or weekly, payments can be made by direct debit, internet banking, BPAY, direct payroll deductions, or other payment options where applicable. For additional piece of mind, you will also need, comprehensive insurance, and warranty on your new car.

Secured Car Loans

Car loans from Rent 2 Own Cars in Newcastle are secured but only by the vehicle being bought. Secured car loans basically have a lower interest rate compared to unsecured loans.

Unsecured Car Loans

Unsecured car loans are very versatile loans; they can be utilized for nearly any purpose which includes weddings, debt consolidation, holidays, or even cars which do not qualify for the secured loans. There is no security needed for this kind of loan. The interest rates for these loans are therefore slightly higher than secured car loans.

Low Documentation Car Loans

If you run a small business or are self-employed, it’s likely that you are unable to meet the updated financial documentation needs that are required to secure a traditional car loan to meet your objectives and needs. If that is the case, a low documentation car loan may be the only option for you.

Frequently, most financiers need two years of business and personal tax returns to support your application, and this may not be possible at a time when you want to apply for the loan. To ease the process, we have more flexible income verification, and documentation needs to enable you to avoid onerous documentation requirements.

Bad Credit Car Loans

Individuals with impaired or bad Credit history can still be eligible for bad credit car loans through Rent 2 Own Cars

Maybe you had issues with a telephone provider, or you forgot to pay off your credit card. Perhaps you unintentionally missed some repayments; have been bankrupt, or suffered other losses. We believe that everyone deserves another chance. If you have been knocked back or declined elsewhere, don’t despair. We have vastly experienced consultants with expert training for such circumstances.

Car Loan Interest Rate

Your car loan will always have a set interest rate. This means that your interest is calculated at the start of the term and no other costs or fees are added to the purchase of the car. Additional or extra payments will naturally lower the outstanding balance This may ultimately shorten the loan term.

When you are purchasing your car, we can take the hassle out of obtaining your car finance. We always tailor a loan package perfect for your individual situation with affordable repayments. If you’d like to get a competitive car loan in Newcastle, contact us today.

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