R2O is an award winning and Australian owned and developed unique franchise business.

A Unique Opportunity for the Motor Industry

Auto Access Solutions

Auto Subscription is coming to the motor industry and coming fast, our CEO has had 40+ years motor trade experience and is now pleased to offer all Motor Dealers the tools designed by his experience for any motor dealer to get onboard with this coming trend. Auto Access Solutions has been around for 13 years helping dealers keep up with current trends and improve their profit line.

The systems and processes have now intergrated with our proven Rent to Own model to offer dealers a full "Loop®" selling system incorproating the coming trend of "Subscription" selling.

Our systems have been developed in conjunction with our CEO who has over 40 years motor trade experience to give you the dealer full control over every aspect of a sale and finance of every car sold.

We provide all leads directly to your email.

We provide complete (Aust) backend customer management for payment collection, leaving the dealer to just put cars into the traffic.

NO other subscription model provides this type of complete package.

Unlike other emerging "Subscription" models that let the customer change cars on a regular basis we believe these models benefit the customer NOT the dealer, with our experience we have designed systems that are targeted at dealer profit and ongoing residual income.

Our processess and documentation have been legally scrutinised and endorsed to be outside any credit regulations.

We have dealers succesfully using our systems that we are more than happy for you to contact

You do NOT need Motor Dealer experience

The R2O business model is very simple and can be run as a stand alone business outside of a dealership. The business is structured in a way that we grow with you. We want you to be as successful as possible and the business model is designed to be win/win for both franchisee and franchisor

"Why would I want to own a R2O franchise?"

  • Turn write-off trade ins and/or wholesale vehicles into massive profits
  • Create a brand new customer base that you would normally have to turn away
  • Have 100% control of the financial process
  • Low cost entry investment
  • Very low staff cost
  • Full backend (Aust) customer management for payment & collections
  • All customer leads generated direct to the Franchisee
  • Fast return on investment
  • Ongoing residual income
  • Ground floor and ‘one time’ opportunity with limited territories available
  • Recognised nationwide branding
  • Lifestyle business
  • Unique business model that is tried and test by both large franchise vehicle dealerships and sole operators alike

The R2O Cars business model has won multiple awards for service to the community and customer satisfaction.

This is an opportunity for you to control the entire process of the customer sales cycle and provide a solution for all car buyers looking for non ‘mainstream’ finance.

With bad credit statistics rising across Australia and banks making finance more difficult to obtain, there is a groundswell of customers that are looking for a solution to their problems. Why not be the answer to their prayers? It’s a win/win for both you and your customers.

The 'R2O' story so far...

R2O is an award winning Franchise that started as an idea on the Sunshine Coast by Paul Green & associates back in 2006, with a combined experience of over 50 years in the motor trade. Paul saw a largely untapped business opportunity within the auto industry to cater for people who could not get main stream finance to purchase a car and so R2O Cars Maroochydore was opened in March 2007.

The concept is that regardless of a customers’ financial situation R2O will provide Flexirent systems to provide customers with a car with no credit checks and no lock in contracts. After three years of trying and testing the systems a Franchise model was released in December 2010, this has now grown Australia wide, with current expansion into N.Z., Canada, USA & UK with the development of "Auto Access Solutions" to cater for all motor vehicle purchasers. We pride ourselves that we are at the forefront and the only Franchise of this type in this industry in Australia. We have proven custom Franchise models for New Car Dealerships interested in bringing the future of the motor Industry into their business now.