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4 Ways to Get Lower Rates When Applying for Car Finance With Bad Credit   Most people with a poor credit score will find it difficult to get a car loan with low interest…

17 October 2017

Expert Tips for Credit

Expert Tips for Obtaining Car Finance With Bad Credit in 2017 If you want to go shopping and you have a poor credit score, you may be considering taking a high interest loan…

10 October 2017

7 Steps to a Car Loan

7 Basic Steps to Easily Obtain a Car Loan With Bad Credit If you are shopping for an auto loan with bad credit, you may be turned down by many lenders, who consider you a…

4 October 2017


Factors Smart Shoppers Look for When Buying Used Cars   Used car shoppers usually have different priorities from those of new car buyers. When shopping for used cars…

29 September 2017


4 Costly Mistakes to Avoid When Applying for Car Loans   It is possible to be so excited about the prospects of buying a car that you take the financing for granted.…

29 September 2017

Help for Bad Credit Loans

  3 Key Factors That Can Speed Up Approval for a Bad Credit Car Loan Your low credit score may not allow you to get a low interest loan but you can still get approved for…

25 August 2017

Key Benefits of Buying Used Cars

Today, many dealer car lots have used vehicles that are certified and appear just like brand new cars. If you opt for a used car, you can reap numerous benefits. When purchasing…

9 June 2017

Bad Credit Loans

How To Get Auto Finance Despite a Bad Credit History   Auto financing or lease approvals can be challenging and disappointing if you have bad credit. It limits your…

29 May 2017

Used Cars

4 Smart Reasons Why You Should from Rent 2 Own Cars You don't have to wait till you have the money for a car. With the right checks, you can buy a used one that will save…

10 May 2017

Rent 2 Own Cars Newcastle

Car Loans in Newcastle   Are you dreaming of driving off in your own car but you don’t have cash at hand? Rent 2 Own Cars in Newcastle can be an excellent option…

21 March 2017

Cars for Sale Newcastle

Pitfalls You Should Avoid When Buying Used Cars for Sale in Newcastle   Depending on where you are purchasing from, buying a used vehicle can be somewhat a risky transaction.…

22 February 2017

Ipswich Used Cars

The Most Critical Factors to Consider When Buying Used Cars for Sale in Ipswich Buying a good used car is not always a straight forward process. Every car has a distinct history,…

16 January 2017

Default Action

Accessing Bad Credit Car Loans with Unpaid Defaults If you have ever been rejected by car financiers because of your poor credit history, there could be more than meets the eye.…

25 August 2016

Credit after Bankruptcy

Getting a Bad Credit Car Loan After Bankruptcy If you have been through bankruptcy, one of the fundamental concerns you will certainly have is how to reestablish your credit.…

12 August 2016

Bad Credit Finance

Five Critical Requirements When Seeking Car Finance with Bad Credit Having bad credit is certainly an undesirable situation to find yourself in especially when looking for credit.…

6 August 2016


LAUNCESTON OFFICE   OPENING TUESDAY    2 / 08 / 2016 Call Dave 0418 149 577

30 July 2016

Your Credit Rating

Why Your Credit Score Matters When Buying Used Cars for Sale in Melbourne Melbourne arguably has one of the most vibrant auto markets not only for brand new cars, but also for…

1 July 2016

Bad Credit Hurdles

How to Overcome Bad Credit Hurdles When Applying for Car Loans in Melbourne   Most financiers will not have a problem approving a car loan for borrowers who have good…

6 June 2016

Got Bad Credit ?

Questions You Must Ask Yourself before Seeking Car Loan Finance for Bad credit You need a car badly but the problem is you don’t have the money and your credit profile…

29 April 2016

Got a Credit Rating ?

Why Your Credit Score Matters When Buying Used Cars for Sale in Melbourne Melbourne arguably has one of the most vibrant auto markets not only for brand new cars, but also for…

27 April 2016

Rent to Own Australia

RENT 2 OWN CARS IN AUSTRALIA Are you looking for a fast and affordable way to obtain a vehicle? With a massive selection of rent to buy cars in Melbourne, Rent 2 Own Cars…

9 March 2016

U Rent 2 Own Cars Australia

RENT 2 OWN CARS IN AUSTRALIA Are you looking for a fast and affordable way to obtain a vehicle? With a massive selection of rent to buy cars in Melbourne, Rent 2 Own Cars…

8 March 2016


Securing the Right Financing for Your Car with Bad Credit   If you have made a few late payments on your utility bills and or your credit card is maxed out, you may…

25 February 2016


Having Bad Credit?  Here’s How to Secure a Quick Car Loan Approval In 2016   When you have bad credit, getting a loan approval can be an uphill task because…

22 February 2016

Bad Credit Loans

Understanding How the Adelaide Car Loan Market Operates   Aside from your home, a car is arguably one of the next biggest single purchases you are likely to make. If…

18 February 2016


Buying Guide for Used Cars for Sale in Melbourne   Used cars are some of the best values you will find in the Melbourne automotive market. This is particularly the case…

8 February 2016


Small Loans, Big Need is an industry-led initiative designed to provide the real facts about the small amount loans industry in Australia. Today’s small amount loans industry…

15 January 2016

Rent 2 Own Cars Melbourne

5 Scenarios to Consider Refinancing Your Rent to Own Car in Melbourne   The process of getting a car in Melbourne can be tricky especially if you have a bad credit rating.…

8 January 2016

5 Ways to get an Approval for a Car Loan with Bad Credit

If you have a bad credit score, securing approval for your car loan can be done without the long approval process. Understand Bad Credit Car Loans This type of loan is designed…

22 December 2015

How to Avoid Bad Credit Scams When Shopping for Used Cars for Sale in Melbourne

The convenience, comfort and class that come with driving your own car is an experience few people if any would want to forgo. However, if you haven’t fulfilled your credit obligations…

26 November 2015

5 Tips on buying used cars

5 Expert Tips to Consider When Buying Used Cars   Buying a used car is one major way of reducing the cost of car ownership since majority of new cars lose roughly 40%…

26 November 2015

There is A Way - Bad Credit Car Loans

Having bad credit for some people isn’t a good situation, especially if the need for a vehicle arises. It’s in these situations that some people need a little bit of…

10 November 2015

The Green Light - Getting A Bad Credit Car Loan

Buying a car can sometimes cause more frustrations and disappointments especially if you have a bad credit rating. Lenders would almost immediately raise their eyebrows upon looking…

10 November 2015

Bad Credit Car Loans Advice

Is a Rent 2 Own Car a Good Option for Those with Bad Credit? Having bad credit undoubtedly makes life difficult when trying to make major purchases that require a loan. So, of…

30 October 2015

Credit Problems, No Big Deal, Bad Credit Car Loans

Living in Australia, you would have realised the importance of having a vehicle for your own use. It’s really hard to wait for buses or taxis just to go to your appointments. It’s such…

30 September 2015

A YES Amidst The NO, How Bad Credit Car Loans Can Help You

When you hear the word “bad”, there’s always a negative connotation that goes with it. The word itself sounds the opposite of good. That’s the reason why if you have bad credit ratings…

30 September 2015

Number ONE

 Rent  2 Own Cars is the number ONE Rent to Own Company in Australia

31 August 2015


 Rent 2 Own continues to spread throughout Australia with new offices opening in Bendigo Victoria, Sylvania NSW and the first of 3 in Adelaide SA.  Rent 2 Own Cars is the…

16 August 2015

Glamel Trek

 Rent 2 own cars Australia have just completed a charity camel ride on the sunshine coast. Montrose access is an organisation that help disabled kids and families with treatments,…

19 May 2015

Helping out

91.9 Sea F.M on the sunshine coast breakfast announcers BarRat and Jess are organising a great fund raiser for a special family on the coast Zara was born with a heart condition, she…

28 April 2015


Rent 2 Own Cars Australia is off to a flying start to the new year with 2 new offices opening, congratulations Jason who will be our new Franchisee for the Queensland Wide Bay area…

7 January 2015

We Won

 Rent2owncars Australia Won the prestigious Sunshine coast  Retail and Special Services award 

17 November 2014


 Rent2owncars Australia  has again made it to the finals of the sunshine coast business in excellent awards. The awards are on this saturday so wish us luck.Maybe send…

13 November 2014

Glamel Trek

 GLAMEL TREK update, we are entering this charity event to help Montrose Access who support kids with disabilities. We aim to raise at least $10,000.00 Any support and sponsorship…

6 October 2014

Warranty legislation

 There are a new legislation about to come into effect regarding used car warranty. The new law will be all cars over ten years old and has travelled more than 160,000kms…

22 September 2014

Will Power you Champ

 After coming close three times Toowoomba born and raised  Will Power has finally won the Indy Car championship Aussies are doing us proud in the world of motorsport…

1 September 2014

New Franchise

 The location for our newest Franchise can now be revealed as Perth Congrats George and we look forward to a long and happy future

27 August 2014


 Great drive to our Aussie F1 future world champ 

27 August 2014

Bad Credit don't sweat it ..we say YES !!

 A quick lap with DJ.......Tim from R2O doing a selfie with living racing legend Dick Johnson

27 August 2014

New Offices

 Rent2owncars Australia is again expanding with two new offices opening soon. Locations are still a secret so check back and we will reveal where soon !

18 August 2014

Our New F1 Hero

 Congrats to Daniel Ricciardo taking another win in F1 

28 July 2014


Well winter has arrived even here in Queensland !  For the people in southern states where it is freezing in the mornings Its time to remember to lift windsceen wipers off…

3 July 2014

Go Aussie Go

Awesome drive Daniel Ricciardo doing Australia proud

9 June 2014


 Welcome to winter!    Unless you live in Queensland then nothing has changed 

2 June 2014

20 May 2014

Mothers Day

 Hoping all Mums out there had a great and spoilt Mothers dayBy spoilt we mean getting a car through Rent2owncars 

11 May 2014

We support cancer awareness day

 Ovarian Cancer Day May 8th

6 May 2014


 Have you been finding it hard to get finance approval ?Do you think that its unfair ?? Well So Do We!!!!BAD CREDIT DON'T SWEAT IT WE SAY YES !

6 May 2014

Ambrose versus Mears

 Aussie Nascar racer Marcus Ambrose had an on track run in with fellow racer Casey Mears. It spilled over into the pits where Mears pushed Ambrose and in true aussie spirit Ambrose…

1 May 2014


 We have had a record month of Approvals So don't hesitate get your application in to get rolling with your car.

28 April 2014



25 April 2014

Easter Break

 Rent2owncars  Australia would like to wish all of our past and future customers a happy Easter !Please stay safe on the roads and enjoy your rest and relaxation.Or go out…

17 April 2014

The New Office

MAROOCHYDORE We have relocated to new bigger better premises on the Sunshine Coast - 203 Brisbane Rd Mooloolaba. Call in for a chat to discuss your vehicle needs. When everyone…

10 April 2014

Aussie In F1

 Mark Webber's replacement Daniel Ricciardo Out qualified and out raced his team mate Sebastion Vettel on the weekend Just missing out on a podium finish in fourth.Proving…

7 April 2014

Oopening Day

 Rent2owncars Ringwood will be opening for business on Wednesday The 2nd of  Apri !l Congrats and best wishes Max and Ryan

30 March 2014


Rent2OwnCars Maroochydore have moved into there new premises at 203 Brisbane road Mooloolaba.We are still finishing of our signs etc but have finished giving the office a repaint (picasso…

28 March 2014

Was man's best friend

Remember this pic if you have man's best friend at home and a car you love. Sometimes the two don't mix!! 

5 March 2014

New office

  Another new office for Victoria....... Congratulations to Father and Son team Max and Ryanon being appointed for Rent 2 Own Cars Ringwood  opening in the coming weeks.

1 March 2014


EXCITING NEWS !!!!!!! Rent 2 Own Cars have made the finalist list for the Sunshine Coast Chamber of Commerce Business Awards .... winners announced 16th November.

11 September 2013


 New company office ........................BENDIGO central Victoria opening very soon.Demand has given Rent 2 Own Cars Australia Pty Ltd the opportunity to appoint and open a…

5 September 2013


Well done Clemens and Jane on the recommendation and satisfaction from your customer ...................................   "I would like to say a massive thanks to Clemens…

30 May 2013


Opening soon, Ipswich and ToowoombaCongratulations to David and Rebecca and their business partner Ian who will be opening and operating two new Rent 2 Own Franchises in Ipswich and…

7 May 2013


RENT 2 OWN CARS has achieved another award for customer satisfaction !!!!!Congratulations on earning the People's Choice Award for the first quarter of 2013. From a field of 180+ businesses,…

19 April 2013

Can't get Car Finance Rent to Own

CAN'T GET CAR FINANCE - we will give U a go !!Rent 2 Own CarsNO ongoing feesNO admin feesNO payout feesNO interestNO obligation to payout contractONLY 12 month contractU Own It from…

12 April 2013

CAR of the WEEK

 Well maintained 8 seater people mover,  Toyota Tarago, Auto,  Great for a large or extended family.  We cannot get enough of these vehicles to sell so get your…

7 February 2013


 A NEW RENT 2 OWN CARS OFFICE is opening in Brisbane, congratulations Ollie Roberts and his team who will be operating in the coming months as Rent 2 Own Cars Brisbane South. Ollie…

6 February 2013

CAR of the WEEK

 2004 Ford Falcon BA sedan$2500.00 deposit and $120.00 per week12 month contract, no interest or other fees" U Own It at R2O "0439628765 Maroochydore

30 January 2013


 Bad Credit - No Credit - Pensioner - Unemployed - Student - Single Parent - BankruptEveryone one qualifies to get a car at Rent 2 Own Own the car from day oneAll…

16 January 2013


 Rent 2 Own Cars Australia Pty Ltd has been nominated for Telstra Business Awards 2013***************** ******************

15 January 2013

Rent to Own Cars

 Rent 2 Own Cars Australia Pty LtdWe are the only recognised Australian Franchise in this industry and have now been approved by ASIC as a credit providerAustralian Credit License…

9 January 2013

U own IT at R2O

Bad credit - Unemployed - Pensioner - Whatever your circumstances give us a call or apply here online we can help get you into a car TODAY !!!!!!  And "U" own it, not a long term…

1 January 2013


U OWN the car at Rent 2 Own Cars from day one. * ONLY 12 month contracts* No ongoing fees* No administration fees* No lump sum payouts* The contract price is the full purchase price…

31 December 2012


BE AWARE when buying a car through other Rent to Own systems that you are not paying add on costs for things like application fees, administration fees, interest, extra long payment…

29 December 2012


 Rent 2 Own Cars Australia Pty Ltd is now a licensed credit provider, this means for all our past and future customers the satisfaction of knowing you are protected and dealing…

28 December 2012

Rental company probed over predatory loans

How ironic that Centrepay will not allow Rent 2 Own Cars to join there payment system yet they align themselves with rogue rip off companies such as this.  And this is NOT the…

7 November 2012


Watch out for Rent 2 Own Cars on the Gold Coast, Clemens has hit the road with his new R2O van, our first signwritten vehicle, well done Clemens and Jane looks great and hope it brings…

21 September 2012

Rent 2 Own cars Reservoir "U Own It at Rent 2 Own Cars" New Melbourne office open at RESERVOIR call Doug on 0419 571 068

31 July 2012

CAIRNS OFFICE CAIRNS OFFICE OPEN end of this week call DAVID 0427316214

16 July 2012

GODS NEW FERRARI Eric Clapton's Ferrari SP12 EC Ferrari has always set high standards for its customer interaction, and the latest press bulletin indicates it is continuing to…

30 May 2012

CARROLL SHELBY dies ....... Vale Carroll Shelby - Texas chicken farmer, racer, philanthropist, automotive entrepreneur “Carroll was a visionary who never stopped seeking ways to build…

13 May 2012

NEW BMW 6er BMW’s 6 Series has always been its “golf club" car. A louche boulevardier aiming to impress more than a 3 Series but still with pretensions to sportiness.…

17 April 2012

R.I.P. Porsche designer Ferdinand Alexander Porsche was born in Stuttgart on December 11, 1935, the oldest son of Dorothea and Ferry Porsche, son of Porsche founder, Ferdinand. During…

9 April 2012

Rent 2 Own Cars CAIRNS We are pleased and excited to announce that we have a new Franchisee David Rix.  David will be opening his new Rent 2 Own Cars franchise in Cairns…

3 April 2012

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