Credit Problems, No Big Deal, Bad Credit Car Loans

30 September 2015

Living in Australia, you would have realised the importance of having a vehicle for your own use. It’s really hard to wait for buses or taxis just to go to your appointments. It’s such a drag having to pay all the fares. Most people would agree that owning a car is the best solution for easy and convenient transportation. Since you have that desire, you can just visit any car shops that offer financing or you can even go to your nearest bank to apply for a loan. It’s easy, right? Yes, it’s not difficult if you are on the right shoes. But, what if you’re not?

Bad credit records can pull you down

The problem is that not all people have clean credit records as proof to easily apply for this car loan payment system. In fact, you can make a survey in your place today and you’ll realise that at least one or two are in to this bad situation with their credit situations. You may also be one of them. Bad credit scores can be a huge wall that would separate you from your dream vehicle. You’ll easily get rejected by most major banks and lending companies. Most of these institutions don’t quickly approve applications coming from people who have bad credit records, single parents, pensioners, students and other unfortunate circumstances.

But there’s a twist

True, bad credits can pull you down but it’s not the end of the road. It’s because there are companies that offer bad credit car loans. Yes, that’s true. You can actually apply for car loans if you want to even if you have bad credit ratings as there are companies or lending institutions that don’t look at your credit history as basis for their approval for your loan application. However, you’ll have pay for huge down payments and high, as in high interest rates.

A little disappointed?

We’re not done yet.

Here’s where Rent 2 Own Cars come in. We are one of those companies that offer bad credit car loans. We give you a chance to redeem your lost glory and we can give you approval even if you’re a pensioner, a single parent or even a student. We have the power to approve your loan applications and let you choose the car that you need.

What makes us different?

R2O, unlike other finance institutions that specialise on car loans, we won’t make your life a little harder than what it already is. We offer a very genuine no interest agreement! We don’t apply extra charges or interest on our payment system. The contract price of the vehicle is exactly its cash price. No hidden fees, no hidden motives. Here’s another thing, we won’t snoop in and be nosy about your credit history. Bad credits are no big deal to us.

We only ask one thing and that is to prove that you are capable and willing to fulfill the payment system that you have agreed upon once you have applied for our terms. At R2O, we understand your situation. That’s why we are doing everything so that you can drive away with your car, fast.

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