Ipswich Used Cars

16 January 2017

The Most Critical Factors to Consider When Buying Used Cars for Sale in Ipswich

Buying a good used car is not always a straight forward process. Every car has a distinct history, which must be carefully investigated to ensure that you get great value on each dollar, and the car fulfills its intended purpose. Whether you buy from a dealer or private owner, if you pay close attention to the physical condition of the vehicle, you should be able to get a good deal when buying used cars for sale in Ipswich.

Vehicle History

Before paying for a used car, ensure that you run a comprehensive check on its history. This will help you to avoid buying a car that has been wrecked and rebuilt. You must realise that professional auto body shops can rebuild and repair a wrecked car, make it look very attractive, and put it up for sale online. So get hold of the vehicle identification number, VIN, and run a history check through a reputable history report provider. You should also ask questions about the car's history, including the number of owners, the number of crashes, the mileage and the cost of fuelling the car.


Unlike some other states in Australia, buying used cars for sale in Ipswich is quite safe. The state of Queensland requires a safety certificate for each used car, whether it is sold by a private owner or dealership. Except for high mileage vehicles, dealerships are also required to provide a guarantee of title that assures you that there is no money owed on the car. For cars that are less than 10 years old, licensed dealerships also give a three-month warranty.

Fuel Consumption and Emission

The Green Vehicle Guide and Fuel Consumption Guide are initiatives of the Australian Government. They provide online calculators for fuel consumption and CO2 emissions for many cars, 4-wheel drives, and some commercial vehicles that have a maximum of 2.7 tonnes vehicle mass. The guides give a fairly reliable comparison of emissions and Fuel consumption of different brands of vehicles. But you may experience slight variations in results due to the state of the vehicle and the driving conditions.

Physical Inspection

Ensure that you go to inspect the car in broad daylight. Then you will be able to observe any defects, marks or dents the car may have. Match the number plates, the date of manufacture, VIN, and engine number on the registration papers with those on the vehicle. If they do not tally, the engine may have been replaced without informing registration authorities or the car may be stolen


Those are some of the most important factors to consider when you are purchasing a used car in Ipswich. By paying close attention to detail, you will easily avoid problems and enjoy the full benefits of buying a good used car.

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