Key Benefits of Buying Used Cars

9 June 2017

Today, many dealer car lots have used vehicles that are certified and appear just like brand new cars. If you opt for a used car, you can reap numerous benefits. When purchasing a used car, you save money and avoid the rapid depreciation in value. In fact, experts recommend that you should buy a used car with 30 000 kms or less, which will give you the following advantages.

1. More Car Brands and Models to Choose From

Used cars for sale are available in a wide range of models, brands and trims, so you have more alternatives to choose from. This is particularly important if you want a specific design or feature that is only available in an older model. For instance, if you are looking for a 2016 Jeep Wrangler, or the 1980 model of Mustang Turbo, you will only get them as used cars. The truth is that used car buyers are never subject to the limitations that the new car buyers usually face. New car buyers are only allowed to purchase car models launched within the past year. But you can have access to a virtually unlimited supply of used cars.

2. Access to the Car's History Online

Technology now helps you to pick a high quality used car. Shopping for a used car is now a more rewarding experience, thanks to various web-based resources and access to historical information on most used vehicles, which is now available online. For instance, if you need to know the present market value of any used cars for sale in Melbourne and other Australian cities, you can easily find out on Google. It is possible to search for the value of a car by brand, model, or the year it was released. To get historical information about a car, simply use the VIN and you will be able to know whether the car has been involved in a major accident or not.

3. Pay a Low Price for a Used Car that is Like Brand New

If you buy a used car that is not more than two years old, you would avoid the period in which new cars have their greatest drop in value. The greatest depreciation takes place within the first year, in which new cars can lose up to 40% of their value. So you will be saving a lot of money on the initial purchase price and other associated costs like insurance. In addition, you can choose from a variety of financing options that you will not have access to if you buy directly from a private owner.

4. Very Low Sales Tax

Most adverts for new cars do not include the additional sales tax you must pay before you drive it from the dealer's lot. In most Australian states, you are required to pay sales tax on all new cars, which may run into thousands of dollars. But if you opt for a used car, you will not only pay very low sales tax, you will also avoid paying the advertising and process fees which can add up to hundreds of dollars.


Buying used cars from a dealership will enable you to reap the benefits highlighted here. You will be able to purchase your car at a low price, enjoy good financing options, and choose from a wide variety of brands and models.


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